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Products of Ferox

Please take a look at the product sheets listed below to Learn more about our high quality rubber products. Besides these items we have many other solutions in rubber. Feel free to contact us if you need more information, if you have a request for a special design, or if you need price or dealer information. We will be glad to help you.

A roll of rubber flooring*The datasheets below are available in Adobe Portable Document format (PDF). You can download the free Acrobat PDF reader here

THUMB_FEROX_StallmatRolls_UK.jpg Rolled Stall Mats Equine, Dairy
THUMB_FEROX_CowMattressRoll.jpg Cow Mattress Roll Dairy
THUMB_FEROX_CircularStudRoll.jpg Farm Stud Roll Dairy
THUMB_FEROX_CircularStudRoll.jpg Circular Studded ROll Dairy
THUMB_FEROX_StallmatPieces_UK.jpg Piece Stall Mats Equine, Dairy
THUMB_FEROX_PuzzleMat_UK.pdf Puzzle Mats Equine, Dairy
THUMB_FEROX_PuzzleMat_UK.pdf Comfort Puzzle Mats Equine, Dairy
THUMB_FEROX_Stallkit_UK.pdf Stall Kit Equine
THUMB_FEROX_PaddockTile_UK.pdf Paddock Tile Equine
THUMB_FEROX_Stallmatwith Holes_UK.pdf Stall Mat with Holes Equine
THUMB_FEROX_RampMat_Large_UK.pdf Ramp Mat XL Equine, Automotive
THUMB_FEROX_LinesMat_UK.pdf Lines Mat Multi-purpose, Industrial
THUMB_FEROX_DiamondMat_UK.pdf Diamond Mat Multi-purpose, Industrial
THUMB_FEROX_BumperRubbers.pdf Bumper Rubber Automotive
THUMB_FEROX_MudFlaps_UK.pdf Mud Flaps Automotive
THUMB_FEROX_BostonRingmat_UK.pdf Ring Mat 'Boston' Multi-purpose, Industrial
THUMB_FEROX_SanFranciscoRingmat_U.pdf Ring Mat 'San Francisco' Multi-purpose, Industrial
THUMB_FEROX_EconomicRingmat_UK.pdf Ring Mat 'Economic' Multi-purpose, Industrial
THUMB_FEROX_EntranceMat_Standard.pdf Entrance Mat, Standard Automotive, Multi-purpose
THUMB_FEROX_EntranceMat_Special.pdf Entrance Mat, Special Multi-purpose

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