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About FEROX Rubber

A roll of rubber flooringFEROX Rubber, which resides in the Netherlands, is manufacturer of top quality rubber products. For its production, FEROX Rubber has an exclusivity deal with a leading Asian producer. This exclusivity is based on over twenty years of close cooperation.

FEROX Rubber is a modern and flexible organization. Base of the success is that FEROX Rubber is able to supply products at Asian price levels, with European design, quality, reliability and communication.

our market

FEROX Rubber is supplier for national and international wholesalers, dealers and manufacturers all over the world. FEROX Rubber delivers straight out of Asia, directly to its customers. With client-specific stocking in our warehouses in Asia, FEROX Rubber is able to supply its customers within six weeks.

Our products

FEROX Rubber has a wide range of standard products made of nature rubber, synthetic rubber, EVA and synthetic leather. Next to this, FEROX Rubber is also able to produce custom made products, if volumes are sufficient.

The products portfolio of FEROX Rubber is subject to constant improvement, modernization and expansion. An important part of the success of this progression lies in the optimal cooperation with the customers. Their practical, ‘hands on’ experience and knowledge are always valued by FEROX Rubber.

With an eye for customer care and detail, FEROX Rubber’s main focus is to build up long lasting relationships with its customers. Please do not hesitate to contact us, when this fits your organization’s way of doing business.

Address and contact information

FEROX Rubber

Rijnstraat 1
5347 KL Oss
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 412 404511
Fax: +31 412 645556